At Crista UAE, we provide comprehensive VAT registration and deregistration services to assist businesses in complying with the Value Added Tax (VAT) regulations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Our experienced team of tax professionals guides you through the process, ensuring a smooth and efficient registration or deregistration experience.

VAT Registration

We assist businesses in determining their VAT registration obligations based on the UAE's VAT laws. Our experts evaluate your business activities and turnover to assess whether you meet the mandatory registration threshold. If registration is required, we handle all aspects of the registration process, including:

Preparation of Registration Documents: We gather the necessary information and documentation required for VAT registration, such as business details, financial records, and relevant licenses.

Application Submission: Our team prepares and submits the VAT registration application on your behalf, ensuring accurate and timely submission to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA).

VAT Number Allocation: Once the FTA approves your registration, we facilitate the allocation of a VAT registration number for your business, which is essential for compliance and conducting VAT-related transactions.

VAT Deregistration

If your business ceases to meet the VAT registration requirements or decides to voluntarily deregister, we assist you with the VAT deregistration process. Our services include:

Assessment of Deregistration Eligibility: We assess whether your business qualifies for VAT deregistration based on the criteria set by the FTA. This may include factors such as turnover falling below the deregistration threshold or ceasing taxable activities in the UAE.

Deregistration Application Preparation: Our team prepares the necessary documentation and application forms for VAT deregistration, ensuring compliance with FTA requirements.

Application Submission and Communication: We submit the deregistration application on your behalf and liaise with the FTA to facilitate the smooth and timely completion of the deregistration process.